The Best Place for Chillin the Sunset in Nusa Penida

Posted on: 2018-07-25

If you want to relax, swim or snorkel on Penida, Crystal Bay is your place! Of all the things to do in Nusa Penida, Crystal Bay is the perfect spot to finish off your Nusa Penida tour. So be sure to save some time at the end of your days to soak up the sun on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.


Exploring the island yourself by moped will cost around 75,000 Rupiah and you can rent one straight from the harbour.

If you’re on a private Nusa Penida then Crystal Bay Beach will probably be your last stop of the day. On the first day of our Nusa Penida tour we took a day trip with who covered all the iconic spots with ease.


Crystal Bay itself also consists of rows and rows of aligned palm trees leading to a private beach. If you know us then we were in our element and had to get a shot for the gram !


To get into Crystal Bay, it’s only 5,000 Rupiah. The second time we visited it was around 9am and there was nobody taking parking money. So this fee all just depends on timing.

We chose not to dive or snorkel. Although it’s certainly a famous spot to get your gear on and go and explore the underwater world. So this could push up your out goings if you chose to head out on activities.


Crystal Bay makes for an amazing place to hang at any time of the day although we were lucky enough to spend some time at both sunrise and sunset.

Sunrise was beautiful. Just as we thought it couldn’t get any more peaceful during the day time, of course it was EMPTY at sunrise!


Hanging around for sunset is definitely worth the wait. Sunset was just as impressive as sunrise!

If you’re lucky enough to get some colours, it will be one of your lasting memories on Nusa Penida!

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